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(2) If the arbitrator does not determine the costs within 120 calendar days of royalty authentication, except for any delay at the employee`s request for the charge, the employee`s salary will resume on the 121st day, provided the suspension has been without payment; “Land ownership is always the property of people… A hundred people on an island of which there is no escape. Make one of them the absolute owner of the other — or the absolute owner of the land. It won`t make any difference, neither for the owner, nor for the others – that you choose. One way or another, an individual will be the absolute master of the other 99. I imagine you have all seen the speech that was given a few weeks ago by a young American writer named Kimberly Jones — if you did not — this is absolutely the most eloquent public speech I have seen in a long time. In this, she uses this incredible image of getting white people to imagine what it`s like to play four hundred rounds of Monopoly with the game that is manipulated against you, forced by violence. There is an interesting background story here that you may know is that the monopoly game was first invented by a woman named Elizabeth Magic, and originally called “The Landlords Game”, and it was created for… In fact, one day, someone could make exactly the speech that Kimberly Jones has just delivered. However, the new Life Act also requires a teacher to obtain an “effective” or “very effective” assessment to obtain employment in two summary annual assessments in the first three years of employment following the trial year. And yet, our current terrestrial system allows this public value to be captured and monopolized privately. Not just by landlords in the form of rents. Even freeholders.

For example, near an “excellent” school rated in Ofsted adds between 40k and 100k to the value of a residential property. And yet we tell ourselves that our state education system does not have tuition fees. And we wonder why children from disadvantaged backgrounds are fighting for an equivalent shot. Reform of this magnitude, however morally and economically justified, would require a government with exceptional vision, courage and skill to organize the transition in a way that is fair to all. And you should win a mandate to do so from the British public in the face of an unprecedented disinformation and misinformation campaign. In reality, almost everyone loses in our current system (even owners who think they are rich but aren`t really). But let`s not be naïve: a very small number of very powerful special interests would unleash a disinformation machine for British public opinion that would make Brexit look like a picnic. (2) occupy a position or, for the duration required, in an otherwise certified position, and the new mandate framework is significantly different from what existed before.