Olentangy Local Schools Negotiated Agreement

Superintendent Mark Raiff`s salary increased from $US 163,600 to 167,281 $US. Olentangy School Treasurer Emily K. Hatfield`s salary increased from $US 125,000 to $127,812.50 when she was hired last year. Olentangy Local School District operates 23 schools listed below in alphabetical order:[11] For the first time in years, teachers will work at Olentangy Schools near Powell on a multi-year contract. The new agreement with bus drivers will increase the maximum hours to prepare them before the start of the school year; and the maximum number of years of credit experience given to external employees to attract qualified and experienced drivers. The table below separates district revenues from the three sources identified by the Agency: local, land and federal. For maintenance staff, the agreement will revise leave to consult with other ranked groups and add a language so that the head of the school can interview candidates for the position of head of the new high school in Berlin instead of being an application position by seniority. The Olentangy Board of Education on Thursday approved two collective agreements and wage increases for non-unionized employees and school district administrators. The approved agreements are with two unions representing bus drivers; And maintenance, stop guard and foreign service personnel. The one-year contracts provide for a 2.25% increase in the cost of living for the 2017/18 school year and come into effect on July 1. Copies of the agreement are available on the school`s website.

Authorized to hire Bryan “Buck” Weaver as athletic director of Orange High School. Weaver worked as a teacher at Olentangy Schools in 2006. Since the 2013/14 school year, he has been athletic director of Westerville South High School. He replaces John Betz, who took the same position at the Berlin High School. Superintendent Mark Raiff said in a statement from the borough that the agreement strikes the right balance between fiscal responsibility and the presentation of teachers that they are valued. Budget and | finance Energy-| Environment| financial settlement| | immigration health | Public education | Public | pensions Taxes List of Ohio ballot measures | Local actions | | Electoral Laws Need for campaign finance After 20 years, the increases are from 22, 25 and now, under the new contract, to 29 years. A 29-year-old professor with a master`s degree plus 45 college credits or a doctorate earns 105,537 $US. “With the continued growth of the district, sustainability is the key, with responsible management of municipal taxpayers` money,” he said. Olentangy Local School District 7840 Graphics Way Lewis Center, OH 43035 Phone: (740) 657-4050 Olentangy Local School District is a neighborhood in Ohio County, Delaware.